Alice Faye Duncan

I write books for young readers.

I perform and read for school visits.

I speak to adult groups about 

literacy and writing.


My background

I am my mother's only child and Memphis is my home. I went to library school at the University of Tennessee (Knoxville). While there, Professor Glenn Estes introduced me to picture books. At the University of Memphis, I took a Children's Literature Class from Professor Ramona Mahood. She introduced me to author, Charles Turner, who inspired me to write WILLIE JEROME--my very first book. Macmillan published it in 1995. Picture books are my favorite to write! They allow me to "sing" without a music education or singing voice. YOU DON'T WANT ME TO SING. Really. 



My writing roots

I discovered the poets, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Langston Hughes and Gwendolyn Brooks, when I was a child searching the crowded shelves in my parents' personal library.  While I loved each poet, my early writing was most similar to Paul Laurence Dunbar.  I wrote for the ear to hear and the voice to speak words like I heard them spoken in school, church and the corner store. Langston, Gwen and I, have Dunbar in common.  It was Paul Laurence Dunbar who moved us early in life to make words our vocation. Words are my work and my pathway to words began with poetry.  

Read HELLO SUNSHINE--adult book

My style

I love shoes, clothes and eyeglasses. I also love sparkly nail polish and any kind of scarf or jewelry purchased in a museum gift shop.  My "style" of dress is creative and sometimes what I'm wearing makes no logical sense at all!  As for my writing style, I aspire to write a lyrical prose that is suited for read-alouds or a call and response. I seek to write books that children are compelled to read, "over and over again." This is my daily prayer when I take to my computer or sit with my writing pad. I want my words to be soul substance and a  good time, mixed with a jolt of learning.


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Alice Faye Duncan